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Organizational & Wealth


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Since 1997, PETROS has been serving the ecclesiastical and nonprofit community around the country with core competencies in both Organizational and Wealth Management – helping church and small business clients meet the multifaceted demands of productively engaging in business in this ever-changing environment. 
We are a partnership of Christ-centered, highly competent consultants with a passion for serving the Body of Christ.  All our consultants have between 20-40 years of experience and are at the top of their respective fields. In recent years we have broadened the scope of our services, increased our Carriers, and expanded our consulting team to be able to thoroughly serve the complex and diverse organizational and financial needs of our clients with unparalleled professional proficiency. 
PETROS serves as a Strategic Partner of the members of the Progressive National Baptist Convention and have done likewise with member pastors and churches of the American Baptist Churches of the South as well as clergy from a number of other leading denominations.

Organizational Management

Strategic Planning

Outlining an organization's overall direction, philosophy, and purpose, examining its current status in terms of its strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats, setting long-term objectives, and formulating short-term tactics to reach them.


Change Management

COVID-19 has made a drastic and dramatic change in how churches and companies approach, comprehend, and conduct their business.  Some of this change has been for the best as well as the worst.  Some impacts have proven temporary while other aspects have completely changed how leaders lead, managers manage, and organizations function for decades to come.  With the help of the Spirit of God, as the sons of Issachar, “who understood the times, with knowledge of what [God’s people] should do” (1 Chron. 12:32), we guide our clients through the careful and prayerful structured process of evaluating their organization’s current philosophy and functional practice juxtaposed to biblical and organizational management expectations and efficiency in the unique context of ministry/business.  After thorough analysis, prayer, and discernment, undergoing the process of implementing new initiatives, transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from current practice to a preferred future functionality.

We guide you through the careful and prayerful structured process of evaluating your organization’s current philosophy and functional practice juxtaposed to biblical and organizational management efficiency.  After analysis, undergoing the process of implementing new initiatives, transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from current practice to a preferred future functionality.


Leadership & Management Development

 The inexhaustible investment in and utilization of the human capital within the organization.  In the belief that the most important resource that an organization possesses is the people that comprise the organization, it is wise to address the development of these resources. Leadership development can encompass any number of developmental processes including coaching and mentoring  • talent identification and management  • individual development planning  • management development  • succession planning.

Conflict Resolution
Successful conflict resolution involves fostering communication among disputants, problem-solving, and drafting agreements that meet their underlying needs. In these situations, we work toward a win-win solution, or mutually satisfying scenario for everyone.

Operations Management

Helping clients improve the performance in their primary and secondary functions of organizational operations (e.g., communication, marketing, promotions, scheduling coordination) in cooperation with innovation, strategy, technology, and fruitful production. 

While every organization operates according to some standard of ethics, the reality is that many ministries and businesses experience great failure because their principal every leader/manager does not subscribe to a strong commitment to the practice of biblical ethics.  We seek to help all persons of the organization – from the principal to the staffer of the smallest department to develop a personal character that reflects the ideals, ethics, philosophy, and practice of Christ– independent of and interdependent with those whom they lead and manage.

Human Resources Management

As great organizations are “made” as a result of great teams, our fundamental objective is how to help our clients go about attracting, recruiting, hiring, reviewing, rewarding, and retaining highly competent personnel.  We guide in the process of comprehending and enhancing their competencies in human resource management as well as exploring ways to improve weak performers, improve mid-level managers, and enable the organization/ministry’s best performers to become better for the greater good of all.


Financial Management

While the greatest assets of an organization are its human assets, the second would be its financial assets.  We seek to help our clients discern and demonstrate proficiency in managing their organizations’ finances (income, expenses, debt, savings, as well as long-term and short-term investments).  We help assess and raise the competence in managing the economic resources of the ministry they lead/manage, recognizing that failure to optimize efficiency here can lead to the ruin, loss of credibility among their congregation, community, and even liquidation of the organization.  Our consulting accountants provide an overview of financial controls, banking relationships, staffing, and overall operations.

Wealth Management

Financial Planning

The Financial Services/Investment Management aspect of The Petros Group assists professionals and business owners to make informed decisions about retirement planning and estate preservation.  We work with clients to form lasting relationships built on trust, integrity, and personalized customer service.  We work with a team of Financial Advisors to provide a holistic approach to retirement and estate planning.

Executive Compensation
TPG consultants help ensure that key persons of the organization/ministry are appropriately compensated for their high level of educational accomplishments, expertise, knowledge, and professional competency.  We accomplish this by working collaboratively with senior leadership to comprise agreements that provide compensation and benefits that meet the budget and affirm the invaluable persons who lead the organization/ministry.  


The Petros Group represents Carriers with the highest ratings of financial viability in the industry (e.g., A.M. Best, Fitch, Standard & Poor’s and Moody) ensuring our client's peace of mind that the company covers their life today will pay the benefits decades later when needed.  Because we are brokers, we are not company-driven, nor product-driven, we’re client-driven.  We feature the leading industry Carriers New York Life, Mass Mutual, Prudential Financial, American General, Nationwide, Allianz, the Principal, Transamerica Family Markets, John Hancock, Lincoln Financial Group, Mutual of Omaha, North American, and Unum.

What's best for the client? When it comes to Life Insurance, whether it's Term, Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, Whole Life, or Variable Life Insurance – whichever product best fits the client is what we seek to provide. 

For Health Insurance, we only offer the industry leaders (e.g., Aetna, Anthem, Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Kaiser Permanente, United Health Care, and Coventry Health Care. Whether small/large group or individual, we provide options with full coverage for inpatient, day patient, and outpatient care to international health insurance options that offer a range of coverage, from hospitalization to in and outpatient care as well as maternity and dental.  

We also provide Long-term Disability and Long-term Care Insurance.


Our Brokerage offers the industry’s most competitive Retirement Annuities. Because of the diversity of companies, products, and funds available through our extensive portfolio, we are able to serve our clients based on their needs and the performance of the market.  We are not pigeon-holed into any single approach or philosophy that serves our interest, rather those of our clients.  Through relationships of referral, and their respective broker-dealers, registered representatives offer: 403(b), 401(k) Retirement Plans and other Qualified options through industry leaders like: Fidelity, MFS, Blackrock, American Funds, Pimco, Franklin Templeton, Goldman Sachs, Invesco, Oppenheimer, Pioneer, Putnam, and many more.

Marketing Consulting


Web Design and Development
Our in-house professional web designers carefully craft your look and online presence so that they are consistent with your brand image. In this way, our sites become elegant virtual showrooms, compelling inquiries, and improving conversion. All sites include creative, eye-catching, and intuitive web design for easy navigation, Compelling flash animation, and design.

Corporate Imaging & Branding
Corporate Imaging and Branding is the entire process that involves creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal followers.  These services are included, but not limited to logo creation or re-design and all collateral documentation (stationery, business forms, etc.).

Logo Design
First impressions count, and your logo is likely the first piece of information your audience has about your company. A quality logo instantly communicates your corporate style and philosophy. It’s the foundation of your company's brand, and one of your most important assets. Unfortunately, for most small to mid-sized organizations, this is the most overlooked aspect of their marketing.


Graphic Design & Artistry
Images, patterns, layouts, and other graphic devices are composed into a coherent, distinctive design intended for printing or display over visual media.

Legal Consulting


Comprehensive Legal Services
The affiliate attorneys of The Petros Group are highly competent and have experience in both trial-level and appellate litigation, and offer comprehensive legal services in all major areas of corporate, personal injury, and civil law litigation.  With a heart for civic and charitable organizations, our affiliate attorneys provide services to churches, non-profits, and faith-based foundations, among many other charitable and cultural organizations.  


Real Estate and Land Use
The affiliate attorneys of The Petros Group provide legal counsel on a broad range of issues from government regulations to internal operations, specializing in Land Acquisition Use, Regulations, Financing, Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution in the construction process.  

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